Restaurant Services

FetchMe’s comprehensive portfolio of business operations, marketing, and take-out and delivery services offers restaurants a wide range of value-added engagement options tailored to meet their individual branding, customer marketing, and operational needs.

Operations And Marketing Assessment

We offer our restaurant partners an experience-based assessment of their current customer- facing operations – menus, pricing, take-out and delivery options, etc., followed by a corresponding assessment of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Development

Drawing upon our extensive ties to the local area market and our advanced digital marketing strategies and techniques, we develop services expansion and promotional recommendations designed to new capture opportunities at all stages of the customer acquisition and ordering processes.

Community Ecosystem Engagement

We further drive added value for our restaurant partners by providing access to the latest in digital technology advancements that extend their footprint across our extensive ecosystem of local customer engagement. This unique offering draws upon shared resources and restaurant-specific expertise not available on an individual restaurant basis.

FetchMe Platform Activation

A key component of our approach is the exclusive FetchMe marketing, take-out ordering, and meal delivery platform. By integrating the FetchMe website and mobile app with each restaurant’s own online and in-person presence, we leverage the accumulated value of a wide range of services on their behalf, including:

  • · Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising, search and ordering campaigns

  • · E-mail, SMS, and other text-based marketing initiatives

  • · Co-branded giveaways, coupons, and raffles

  • · In-store signage, QR codes, flyers, and branded packaging options

Take-out and Delivery Services

FetchMe’s restaurant meals, groceries, and sundry item takeout ordering, and delivery services offer local residents a courteous, reliable, and lower-cost alternative to the impersonal, delivery-only services sold by profit-driven national conglomerates that have no appreciation for the needs of local market businesses or their customers.

Our team of drivers – “Fetchers” offer timely and conscientious delivery with a high level of performance and accountability.  The value of their services provided to our restaurant partners and their customers is amplified on both sides of the equation by our ability to track customer buying patterns, ordering preferences, and other behavioral metrics based on their previous purchases and customer satisfaction history. This insight is continually evaluated and applied to improve campaign targeting effectiveness according to prevailing customer ordering trends.