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Your Account
FetchMe is a service that is simple to use, available as an App on the Apple and Android stores and the Web. To order online, visit and login, then confirm your delivery address, then search for anything you want or choose one of the most popular fetches. You will then be able to see and communicate with your Fetcher and get an update on the status of your Fetch. Via mobile, you follow the same order process.
FetchMe is available 9am to 11pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Easter.  Breakfast will start at 9am.  Scheduled deliveries is between 7:00am -- 11:00am.  Specific merchant orders will be available to the extent the merchant is open.
On the homepage in the upper right hand corner is a little button that says My Account. You can take it from there.
Your Order
Yeah, sure. Go for it! However, not all merchants offer this as an option. Those that do, we will indicate a pick up option for you.
Why yes, we can help you! You can use the Group Ordering feature to easily gather everyone’s orders with an easy to share link!

In addition to the delivery fee, FetchMe has a 7.5% service fee. All of the fee's that you see at checkout go towards ensuring that your quality of care is exceptional, this includes but not limited to Fetcher compensation and standard operational costs such as heat bags for our Fetchers or delivery specials. If you have any questons about this please feel free to reach out and give us a call!

Our Restaurant Delivery fee includes extra distance charges that will be applied at $0.50/mile for orders 2 miles to 4 miles from the restaurant and then $1.00/mile after 4 miles up to a maximum of 15 miles.
Groceries deliveries start at $6.49 and have the same extra distance charges! Order anything and courier services are determined based on the information provided within your form.  Effective 07/06/2018, we added a fuel surcharge of 40 cents per delivery to take care of our Fetchers given the increase in gas prices.
Yes! Of course. Upon placing an order, we provide you with the ability to see the current status and communicate with the Fetcher, as necessary.
Yikes. Chat with us or send us an email at with the details of your order along with your order number. We promise to make it better!
Maybe. There are a few factors that we have to consider before we can issue a refund. Did your food not arrive or did you fall asleep when the delivery guy showed up and he left ( happens)? Our Concierge Dispatchers and Fetchers do their best to ensure you get the right order on time, we will grant a refund of your delivery cost if you are not satisfied how we managed your expectations.  If a refund is granted, just know that it will take about 5-7 business days, depending on your bank, before any money is back in your account.
We go to great lengths to ensure we find your item. Our Fetchers will let you know so you can decide whether to place an alternative order.
When you request a delivery, we may temporarily authorize your credit card for an estimated order total. Once your delivery is complete, we replace the authorization with the final charge from the merchant. This change is typically reflected within 24 to 48 hours of the delivery.
Absolutely. We will deliver to your dorm, home, office, the middle of Auburn University or even a classroom. Just be sure to enter a detailed description in the direction box when you verify your delivery address and our Fetcher will find you.
If you have not placed your order yet, you can enter the address directly from “my account” or edit directly on the Restaurant page. Enter the “address” and press save..
Call your Fetcher as soon as you realize you need to change the order. Depending on when the changes are requested, your delivery may take longer than the allotted 1 hour.
Tip is not required. 100% goes to your Fetcher for their effort on the delivery. If you would like to leave a tip, you are given the opportunity to add 20%, 30% or a custom dollar amount. The tip screen is available prior to confirming your delivery is complete.
If your delivery takes longer than 1 hour, we will e-mail or call you to follow-up. If it's late due to our own error, we may refund the delivery cost.
Yes! Absolutely! Moms and Dads are welcomed on the site. They can request delivery by ordering on FetchMe Web. When you visit, be sure to remind them to enter the address of where you are located and would like the items to be delivered. This way, they can then get items delivered to a you or your friends, classmates or a teacher across the country in under an hour.
If it's an item is available in a store or restaurant in Auburn, we can deliver it. Alcohol and tobacco products are unavailable at this time.
We call our couriers, Fetchers. Fetchers are personally onboarded by our Delivery design team to complete deliveries in your town. When your delivery is accepted, you are immediately introduced to your Fetcher with a photo, details on how many deliveries they have made and their current rating.
Deliveries are immediately assigned to the best possible Fetcher. There is no "waiting" or "bidding" process.
You cannot request a specific Fetcher at this time. We will always dispatch to the best Fetcher for the job, ensuring your delivery arrives as quickly as possible.
You can call or text your Fetcher at any point during your delivery, directly from the App.
All Fetchers are thoroughly vetted, including a background check, in-person interview and test deliveries.
Yes, we would love that! You can submit a Fetcher application here:

Contact us:

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We want to hear from you! Our on call concierge dispatchers are open 7 days a week during our open hours.

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